Wacom CS 100 Bamboo Stylus Solo
Wacom CS 100 Bamboo Stylus Solo
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Wacom CS 100 Bamboo Stylus Solo

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Wacom CS 100 Bamboo Stylus Solo

Wacom CS 100 Bamboo Stylus Solo

Apple App Store Apps You Can Use with Your Stylus:
  • Bamboo Paper — take notes, draw and paint in this notebook you’ll always have with you
  • Adobe Reader — make hand-written notes in the margin or highlight important passages
  • Autodesk Sketchbook — produce artistic sketches with a range of brush settings
  • Clibe — share your notebooks and get inspired by other people
  • Angry Birds — target the flinger with more precision and do the pigs more damage than ever before
  • Improves experiences with applications for sketching
  • Sophisticated black and silver design with satin-textured metal body
  • Features 25% slimmer tip than main competitors
  • Weight-balanced design
  • Smooth soft tip for pen-on-screen feeling

Bamboo Stylus Solo — Input Stylus for iPads and Media Tablets

Let Your Ideas Roam Free

Bamboo Stylus solo is the ideal partner for your iPad and all other media tablets. With all the feel and weight of a real pen and unmistakable state-of-the-art design, the Bamboo Stylus Solo offers a special digital pen experience. Try navigating, writing or drawing just like you do with an analogue pen and experience the convincing quality of Wacom.

Facts and Features

  • Stylish design, made from metal with a satin finish — available in 6 colours
  • Quality you can feel with a metal body, satin texture and balanced weight distribution
  • The replaceable silky-soft electrographic nib offers an outstanding on-screen feel
  • Dimensions: 9mm diameter, 120mm length; 20g weight
  • Compatible with all multimedia tablets using capacitive touch technology

A Fistful of Possibilities for a Head Full of Ideas

  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Replaceable silky-soft electrographic nib
  • Exchangeable pen nibs
  • Compatible with all multimedia tablets using capacitive touch technology
  • Improve your workflow with applications for sketching
Expand What Your Tablet Can Do

The Bamboo Stylus Solo gives your tablet even more functions than it already has. Write hand-written notes, annotate text, edit documents and photos, sketch your ideas or use the Bamboo Stylus Solo with apps to get creative in your own way.

Elegant Design with a Precise, Natural Writing Feel

The Bamboo Stylus Solo combines comfort and elegance with a satin-textured metal body and a balanced weight distribution. With its natural, comfortable grip, this stylus offers a noticeably responsive performance.

Easily-replaceable Pen Nibs

It’s easy to change the pen nibs on the Bamboo Stylus Solo and increase the lifespan of your Wacom digital pen.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The Bamboo Stylus Solo imitates analogue pen movements and brushstrokes, offering you a high quality digital writing and drawing experience.

Let Your Creativity Roam Free

The Bamboo Paper app is the ideal partner for your Bamboo Stylus, allowing you to produce individual notebooks on your iPad, visualise your ideas with hand-written notes or sketches, and then share them with others. Use for brainstorming, mind-mapping, or just for odd jobs.

Emphasise Your Creative Side and Bring Colour into Your Life

Choose your favourite from our range of 6 fashionable colours — black, blue, orange, green, pink and white — to emphasise your style and your personality.

Personal, Hand-written

Personalise your communication: send handwritten messages or highlight important passages in texts.

Expand What Your Tablet Can Do

Increase the ease and precision with which you use your touchscreen thanks to the Bamboo Stylus Solo.

Experience Great Design

The soft rubber nib of the Bamboo Stylus Solo glides smoothly over digital touchscreen displays; the weight of the pen is evenly distributed, so it sits comfortably in your hand.


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